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About Afilog.
Who are we ?

Founded nearly 20 years ago, Afilog is an association of more than 130 companies and communities around a common concern: the spatialization of logistics.

Our association brings together all the players in the logistics chain: from architects to developers, users (transporters, logisticians, industrialists, distributors), investors, control offices, equipment manufacturers, but also representatives of the territories and infrastructure managers.

Coming from the real estate, regulatory, architectural, financial or land sectors, the plurality of our members allows us to perceive the challenges of logistics in their entirety.

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Afilog Europe.
Afilog was created in 2001 in France as an association specializing in logistics properties. Afilog is so far the only association in Europe for this subject.

Afilog therefore began its Europeanization in 2021 with a first stage with D, A, CH and PL. Now Afilog is expanding to all European ies step by step, currently we cover more than 98% of EU + CH + N + UK + UA population
Afilog International.
Besides Europeanization we started Internationalization with our partnership in Brazil, as well as Canada and Singapor. Our aim is the integration of Americas as well as Asia-Pacifics and Africas, as some of aour member are also present in these markets.
Dr. Thomas Steinmüller
précédemment Président du Comité Logistique de ZIA Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss (German Property Federation).
Special relations.
As part of its international commission, Afilog launched a Europe and then World mission in early January 2020 in search of associations similar to Afilog in order to create a network of counterpart partners to exchange market information, identify and participate in new events and prepare its presence at the level of the European institutions. The research has extended to the whole world, targeting countries with high logistics potential.
ABRALOG (Brazilian Logistics Association) première association à signer un partenariat avec Afilog
“We from Abralog – Brazilian Logistics Association are very proud to establish the collaboration agreement with Afilog – France Logistics Association. We have very good relationship with Afilog since years ago and we know the imperative contribution and intensive work that they have been done for the sector development and growth.

Through this agreement and collaboration, we will develop several joint initiatives, exchange experiences, strengthen the sector's ties between our countries and contribute to the development of logistics and supply chain. Our friendly greetings to the entire board and members of Afilog as well as professionals and companies.” Pedro Moreira, Abralog’s president.
Our challenges:
Afilog is committed to promoting logistics, a vital sector for citizens and a support function for all economic activities.

As a true "bridge" between the private and public spheres, our association seeks to ensure that market dynamics are taken into account in the construction of public policies for a proper integration into the daily practices of our members.
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Afilog's action follows
several axes :
Preserve land capacities for existing or future logistics facilities in all territories.
To highlight the exemplary achievements of members, particularly in terms of the environment.
To feed a common prospective reflection to the members on the logistics of tomorrow.
Develop regulations in line with the realities and practices of the market.
To constitute a resource center on logistics (studies, legislative and regulatory texts, documents for local authorities, benchmarks, etc.
A partner of local authorities.
Logistics is a real lever of attractiveness for territories and a competitive element for companies in all sectors. This is why Afilog cooperates with local authorities. Thinking about the spatialization of logistics cannot be done without local elected officials, who are confronted on a daily basis with the problems of development and lifestyles in the areas they manage.

Local authorities, which have responsibilities in terms of preserving land capacity and land use, are fully involved in the implementation of logistics projects. In touch with reality and the territory, local elected officials are most of the time enthusiastic about our activities, which allow the revitalization of certain areas. We also aim to maintain our relationships with the local authorities with whom we carry out the majority of our development projects.

A player committed to the environmental transition.
The Afilog association is fully committed to the environmental transition.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field, our members have experimented with numerous measures to fight against global warming. Afilog's professionals have largely anticipated environmental regulations (Energy and Climate Law, Tertiary Decree...).

The environmental approach is reflected in the activities of the association's members:

- The implementation of surveys since 2012 to measure the energy performance of buildings;

- The installation of photovoltaic panels on many logistics projects in order to participate in the reduction of energy consumption;

- The installation of LED lighting with variable intensity and presence detectors on all new logistics sites developed by Afilog members;

- The implementation of initiatives protecting birds (LPO refuges), welcoming bees or working towards the renaturation of sites resulting from intensive agriculture in many of the logistics operations we support;

- The use of materials from deconstruction in order to recycle in the form of a short circuit and circular economy, in the reconstruction of modern sites, designed according to current standards.

- Systematic environmental labeling of recent sites

An association that represents an important economic sector all over the world.
Too often reduced to the image of e-commerce, logistics covers a much wider range of economic sectors: construction, supermarkets, small and medium-sized stores, food shops, cultural events, government administrations and services.
Our activities contribute to 10% of the GDP and represent nearly 2 million private and public salaried jobs in metropolitan France.
Logistics is therefore a gas pedal of our country's economy, it is the armed arm of French industry.

The economic sector animates a real diversity of professions, just like our association.

These logistics professions are professions of the future that we must support and adapt to the major transformations of our economy.

This ambition of competitiveness is the fruit of all these companies involved in the sector and corresponds to the heart of our commitment.